Nov 20, 2009

A Quiet Afternoon with 19th Century Medical Books.

On a quiet afternoon, when the reassuring, clicking sound of cataloguing keyboards is disturbed by peals of laughter – I wonder to myself what could be so amusing about a 19th Century Medical book:

The results of an astonishingly successful weight loss program!

We call the poor chap the cabbage man. We can only speculate that some mischievous medical students were given the task of setting up the photographs to illustrate a nasty skin condition for this very serious medical tome. Perhaps they were instructed to find a way of preserving the patient’s modesty and unable to find a fig leaf, they improvised…….

And then there’s the 1940’s book ‘The Nation’s Health’:

Someone wanted to put it in Erotica or Drama perhaps?

The less we say about this one the better!