Oct 8, 2009

Welcome Plurabelle to the 21st century

Good morning everyone!
what a great start to the day, a Plurabelle Blog.
I guess its all about books, so my entry can be burned after reading, just quickly wanted to see how it looks like if I write something!

Great thing!


Oct 7, 2009

Habent sua fata libelli

They all have their own fate, these books, not only "pro captu lectoris", depending on each of their readers, as Terence said, but also in the way they are handed on, in which they are used and misused, forgotten and discovered, - in ever little nook and cranny of the book there is a little story waiting to be discovered, a chewing gum wrapper her, and name misspelled there, an annotation or the sheer curiosity of it. Come with us on a little journey - with pictures!