Mar 19, 2011

Selling More Books to Turkey

Geçmişten Günümüze Posta Kitabında kullanılan fotoğraflar
Thanks to everybody who is helping to make our little campaign into a success. Yes, Plurabelle wants to sell more books to Turkey. Why?  How comes that this English bookshop with a German accent, where the manager answers to a Palestinian name, should discover Turkey? Why selling books to Turkey? - Yes, it just seems strange to some of our friends.

Well, times are difficult! We are already selling books to the obvious places, now we want to sell books to the places which are a bit less obvious. We are looking for new markets. A language we do not speak is just the right challenge. Book export is a good thing, it is not like selling weapons or drugs, - it is just about selling books. Books do good things, where-ever they go. Or perhaps we are just trying to do the less obvious, seeking the path less trodden?

So please, put away this suspicious glance, and just have a look at our shelves full of books. And in no time, a trickle of books will turn into a small rivulet. Our site lists just 15 books with the word "Turkey" in the title, three with the word "Türkei", but a few more with "Turkish" or "Turquie". Add to this ten titles published in Istanbul, a dozen published in Ankara, and another dozen written in the Turkish language - still not really enough to build a campaign to sell more books to Turkey. But we have more: We have over 50.000 titles, all exquisite quality, most written in English, some with traces from the famous Cambridge libraries, and that could well be of interest for your academic readers anywhere, also in Turkey.

Mar 10, 2011

Jo de Lyon / vicit Leo de tribu / Juda

Now here is a nifty little book for which we are which we are looking for a new home. Published in 1510,   re-make of the small volumes which Aldus Manutius invented in Venice a few years previously, inscribed along the edges with a name and a motto of the first owner, and with a long and intriguing manuscript inscription to the title page which declares this book to be a present for his friend, Joanni poligrapho Anglico, in 1514. There are a lot of stories around this special copy of Plinius Historia Naturalis, and a lot of research that has already completed.  We have put all the information in one place, eleven chapters about a rare curiosity: Read all about it at