Jan 31, 2011

Selling Books to Turkey

A view of our books in Cambridge
Studying our sales statistics at the end of the year, we learned a lot about our clients, where our books are going, and where they find new homes. Many go to Europe and America, a few we ship to Asia and Japan, but only a handful do we sell to Turkey. Why? Don't they need Cambridge books in Turkey?

Yes, Turkey, we want to do more business with you. We would love to send a few of our books, many come with bookplates from Cambridge Colleges, in every mayor library. We had an email correspondence with a client about The Running and Gating of Sand Castings. A Review of the Literature (1956), and had high hopes that this book would be able to make the trip from Cambridge to TR 78200 Karabuk. Alas, in the end the sale fell through. More luck we had with a book on International Economics, which is now comfortably resting on a learned bookshelf in TR 58140 Sivas. Thank you, Sarper!

One book in two years! Clearly, Turkey, you can do better. And we are going to help you. We are now embarking on a advertisement campaign involving academics and librarians in Turkey, and we shall keep you posted about the results. We are sending a few emails to the usual suspects (apologies if unwanted) If you have received on of our messages, please get in touch and help us to bring more books to your colleagues. We look forward to learn a few things about how to send books to Turkey, how to deal with customs, and how to overcome the reluctance of your readers. And we shall be happy to to reward your assistance with a book or two.