Jan 7, 2010

Sometimes Two Hands Are Not Enough

Looking for books, but watching people. The Library Bookshop was very busy. One of the grandmothers shelving books declares that is is to early to call it a day and that she will now continue. One gentleman talks to another gentlemen how unlearning is harder than learning, how the world needs changing, and how it is done. This is California. The isle is blocked. On the next isle small paperbacks, plenty of them. The size is important, and the strength of the spine, for what follows. She was middle aged, golden haired, with gray cashmere, and those Ugg boots. It all happened very quickly, but I had a good view of it. One hand was busy carrying a bag, which left her with only one hand to open this paperback. Not that easy, small hands probably, but in this case the job was made easy by the presence of two well sized breast, one of which served to hold the book open for her.
She probably won't read the whole book in this arrangement, but she did open it long enough for a sentence or two, to check the paper and the print. I complimented her on the felicity of the gesture and asked ...