Nov 11, 2009

Bicycles, Bibles and Bookbinders

Cambridge is so wonderful to get around on a bicycle! I just took a lovely old (and valuable) book to the Post Office to send Special Delivery. I then popped into one of the ancient and beautiful College libraries to look at some books. Languishing on the Librarian's office floor I spotted some 19th Century leather-bound Bibles from the Chapel, which have obviously been “lovingly used and cherished for many years” which in Bookseller speak means they are falling apart! However, they are much too nice to discard and we will do our best to find them good homes – perhaps via a visit to our wonderful Bookbinder which was the last stop on my circuit of the city. All this in about an hour: by car, it would have taken me most of the afternoon and involved lots of time sitting in traffic and looking for parking.

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