May 2, 2012

Bicycles or Books ?

Bicycles or Books? How to choose? Can I have both, please? Cake and eat?

When the Bikes or Books question comes to your door (as it has just now), remember that books have time. Books are patient. Some of our books have waited for a hundred years for the right reader, to pick it up and start a conversation on its pages.

Books come to life in a dialogue with a reader, whereas bikes, if all goes well, can turn into a big party with many other bikes. We had one in Los Angeles recently, where Ciclavia brought 100.000 people out on the street. Big, big bicycle party indeed. The sight of so many bikes together is invigorating,  perhaps even a transcendent experience. If a big bike party comes your way, time is of the essence. Books wait, bike rides do not wait.

Reach Fair Ride 7th May 2012

So join us for a fun day out on the bike, a leisurely ride of 10 miles, suitable for children, grandparents, and everybody else. Reach Fair is a great event. Enjoy the company of other cyclists, and enjoy the absence of cars as we ride away from traffic. The Mayor of Cambridge will accompany us, and the Duke and Duchess have also been invited.

Invitation to Duke and Duchess of Cambridge 

Reach Fair Ride 7th May 2012 is organised by the Cambridge Cycling Campaign.
More information on the Campaign website
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Of course, Plurabelle Books will be closed on the day. Our cycling books will wait.