Feb 21, 2014

The latest model of bed-sit-kitch-flatlets are after us

In 1935, in the Spectator, Arthur Waugh wrote about how the "latest model of bed-sit-kitch-flatlets" threaten and replace bookshops. His lament: "The historic firm of Bumpus confronts eviction; and by the end of the month yet one more of the familiar haunts of the book-lover will have been sacrificed to the inexorable laws of traffic and speed."

His analysis is still correct. Books inhabit the remote niches of a complex system, and the used book trade is always liable to give way to more profitable enterprises. And so with Plurabelle.

In lieu of condolences and expressions of sympathy, offers of muscular assistance for the move are gratefully received. (5£ / hour) Join us for a joyful lamentation toward a new beginning. Call 07972282092 or check our facebook page for shifts and locations. We have a van starting this Saturday, 22 Feb 2014.

Here is the Film Preview of the 2014 Plurabelle Move 

Neighbor Kip, most bitter-sweet, sad, yet happy, because he himself does not need to move, declares his sympathy, and requests some for himself

Empty Shelves.

Emptier Shelves with afternoon mood-light.

Book charity haul.

Have suitcase, will travel.

Local art teacher removes books for art projects in inclement weather

Keep /  Get Rid: Which one is it to be? 

Rianna (matrial arts fearless) hits the IKEA shelf very elegantly

Removing the printer (First attempt)

Server (HP DL 380) out

Happy Scrap Removal Team

Shelfmeister at work

Signing the contract with Monet in the background