Sep 22, 2012

Summary (Text&Context) Reception

Our good friend Robert Good likes to work with words. He is not a bookseller, but a word-artist. His most recent project is called Text&Context. It features more than 25 artists who will create some subtle confusion in the way in which language works in public spaces of Cambridge. The show explores the relationship between art, language, text, meaning and location through a series of encounters and de-re-textualisations across Cambridge. It includes live performance, postcards, neon signs, social media and even bicycles. Of course Plurabelle had to be part of this. This is not a confined exhibition, it is more like a carnival, setting language free, and setting us free to see text differently, to see different things in text

We have the good luck that Linda Carreiro from Calgary (together with RICHard SMOLinski) will display her SUMMARY work in and around our warehouse.

We expect some phantastic word-tapestries, inside and outside our warehouse, moving slightly in the wind, heads turning sideways, and letters tempting meaning in brains, as they are wont to. Please join us for the opening with the artist on Sunday, September 30 at 1:30. We will offer Alphabet Cookies and other nourishment, the remains of our Book Eating event  are still on display for those who missed it, and books galore for all who still care for typographical way of writing, its what and its how.

Please note, on Sunday, 7 October there will be an artistic bike ride, departing 10:30 from the Aid and Abet, next to the station, visiting the multiple sites of Text&Context in Cambridge. Join us, details on Acebook and Wtitter...