Nov 10, 2010

Calling Cambridge Book Collectors

Attention student book-collectors!

The Rose Book-Collecting Prize offers £ 500 for the best book collection by a Cambridge student

You can enter any type of collection provided it is solely owned by you and has been collected by you. The books do not have to be especially valuable - a collection of paperbacks, put together with imagination, is equally eligible. The contest is open to all current undergraduate and graduate students of the University of Cambridge.

The closing date for entries is the first day of Lent Full Term Tuesday 18 January 2011

And if you are a bit behind in getting your collection ready, Plurabelle Books is ready to help: Same day delivery, and our unique browsing bookshop which offers many crowning pieces for any collection. come and check us out! 

Aug 18, 2010

shelved by ROBERT GOOD

Artist Robert Good will create an exciting new installation at Plurabelle Bookshop in September. Robert, who is studying for a Master of Fine Art degree at Anglia Ruskin University, says:

“I am interested in the way in which knowledge and ideas change over time. Old books are a fascinating store of information that is gradually sinking into history.

Plurabelle’s is an Aladdin’s cave, full to overflowing with books. Books sit patiently on the bookshelves like abandoned pets, hoping for a new owner. And, like our favourite pets, they may become a little aged and dog-eared but when found a new home are guaranteed to charm and please.

So this project will be a great opportunity for me to explore Plurabelle’s further and try to bring some of their books back to life. I’m hoping to create something that will surprise the passing browser – a pause for thought on their way through the scores of shelves. And there will be an air of celebration, too, of the pleasure that books give.

Finally, I will be looking to add a little humour to the occasion. Exactly how (and if!) I shall achieve all this remains to be seen, as I shall be very much responding to what I find, but I am looking forward to the challenge!”

come along and enjoy a glass of vine and nibbles while talking to the artist and finding out about his work. there is also a free book waiting for you from our rummage selection!

Aug 17, 2010

Reshetnikov apology

Irina, our "new" cataloguer for russian books has found this lovely note...

May 27, 2010

Michael's Miracle Flower

Two summers ago, Michael picked up a mostly dead plant from the garbage bin of a garden centre. He brought the poor thing to work and stuck it in a crack at the back of the building, much to the amusement of the Plurabelle Staff. I seem to remember saying “Oh come on Michael, do you really expect that to grow?” We all had a chuckle at Michael’s optimism but lo and behold, it started growing and the following year put on a display of exquisite flowers.

It died back at the end of the summer and eventually someone pulled up the dead thing and we were all quite sad – then this spring, it put up green shoots and here it is - more spectacular than the year before. People in the office behind us keep coming to admire it and many photographs have been taken. Plurabelle’s miracle flower is quite star!

* for those interested, it’s called Clematis Dr Rupel – I think it should be re-named Clematis Dr Cahn don’t you?

May 26, 2010

The Stories that follow black pictures

Literary Exhibition at Plurabelle Books, May 29 - June 12, 2010

Changing Spaces is proud to announce the first exhibition in cooperation with Plurabelle Books.
Plurabelle Books opens a warehouse full of books with a very special atmosphere, and local artists like the space to experiment and exhibit

1 artist and 8 writers are exhibiting the results of their creative collaboration. Private View on Saturday 29th May, 6.30-8.30 pm, free wine will be served and readings will take place. Come along and bring all your friends and family and join us on facebook

Feb 8, 2010

The orders that perk us up in the long dark days of February.

Wave Guides (A Physics Textbook) - to CERN - the European Organization for Nuclear Research. Trying to figure out what went wrong!

A Victorian Book of Alphabets & Designs – to a Tattoo Palour

A Day in the Life of a Miner: This was one of a series published in the 1970’s & 80s for children. Lots of photographs of the real people and their families. This one was a particularly poignant snapshot of a Miner’s life, showing his wife and son (a little blond boy), the house, the car, the clothes, now looking so old fashioned –. We were quite touched when we realised that it was this little boy who was buying the book!

Jan 7, 2010

Sometimes Two Hands Are Not Enough

Looking for books, but watching people. The Library Bookshop was very busy. One of the grandmothers shelving books declares that is is to early to call it a day and that she will now continue. One gentleman talks to another gentlemen how unlearning is harder than learning, how the world needs changing, and how it is done. This is California. The isle is blocked. On the next isle small paperbacks, plenty of them. The size is important, and the strength of the spine, for what follows. She was middle aged, golden haired, with gray cashmere, and those Ugg boots. It all happened very quickly, but I had a good view of it. One hand was busy carrying a bag, which left her with only one hand to open this paperback. Not that easy, small hands probably, but in this case the job was made easy by the presence of two well sized breast, one of which served to hold the book open for her.
She probably won't read the whole book in this arrangement, but she did open it long enough for a sentence or two, to check the paper and the print. I complimented her on the felicity of the gesture and asked ...