Jan 18, 2013

From Within a Book

Some books are more special than others. This one is super special. The mental furniture, the conceptual arrangements, the cognitive architecture, even the familiarity of language and tone, the author's style, all is there for you to see, to step into, to play with, to share and to marvel. 

A Bookshop within a Book

Francis Bacon dreamed of an end of bookish learning. He would be keen on such real books, books which literally contain the reality he wanted to focus on. But then, there are books in this book!  That surely would worry a philosopher who wanted to get beyond books! 

Look at  these shelves! 

The bookseller retrieves a book for his client

Emma calls it From Within a Book. She does a bookshop in less than a week. She does shelves, furniture, (upholstery), carpets, ladders, even the humans. This must be my scarf! And of course the books. All made out of books. And placed in a book. Mise en abyme? Enjoy more of Emma's work on her own site. Compliments to fromwithinabook at gmail dot com.

In Edinburgh, mysterious book sculptures are going on display, as the Guardian reports. Perhaps this is how books are fighting back against Kindle and co.

Thanks, Emma, for sharing your marvelous work! 

Bookshop in a Book in a Bookshop

Yes, of course, a Carpet!

A book about epistemology? Epidemology?

"From within a Book"

Bookseller with scarf

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