Mar 27, 2012

Fashion Show and Retro Ride

Together with the Cambridge Raincoat Company we are hosting the Fashion Show and Retro Ride this weekend, Sunday the 1st of April, 2pm – 6pm.

Sunny spring day at Plurabelle. Foto: Catarina Clifford

20 stalls to exhibit Vintage, Retro, Recycled & Independent fashion, followed by

The Retro Ride!

2:00pm  Cycle Chic: Vintage & Independent Fashion Show at Plurabelle in the beautiful Rattee & Kett gardens (Directions here)

3.30pm   The Retro Ride (Tweed Ride) - a social ride around the historic sights of Cambridge. Starts at Plurabelle

4.30pm   Afternoon Tea in the Marquee at Plurabelle Books.

Books, Tea and High Tea (Scones Sandwiches) courtesy of Plurabelle Books

For more details see facebook page !

We will have displays by Jemporium Vintage, Revelare, Autumn Attic, Tina Sondhi, Pur Alpaca Designs, Cheeky Rose, Margaret Knight, Clare Harriette Downey,  Jane Horwood, This is Cambridge, Jenny Orange Knitting Kits, Nicky Shepard, Le Gros Franck, RevtroVert, Crispin at Pop Cycles, Chrissie’s Chocs, Muriel, Birchenough’s Home-made Cakes, Adam’s Oak, and more

Bring the whole family, friends and visitor. Bring a bell for the ride, a silk tie for the shirt, a few nice leather shoes for the pedals.


  1. And what about the philosophy of cycling and fashion? On the bicycle the human body is erect and visible. In the car it is hidden by a metallic exoskeleton. The cyclist displays her body, her joy, her vulnerability. Dressing up the cyclist without the florescent yellow uniform is a form of cultural assertiveness, with a feminine note. It manages the body beyond the concerns of collision, impact and safety. It reclaims the street as a space for the interaction of human bodies. This is why some philosophers say that every cyclist is a woman, - Could they be right? Discuss.

  2. Thanks so much for a glorious day. I enjoyed the ride so much and it's really a special place, which I hope to visit again. I am hoping to blog about it and I spotted somebody from Pepper Rafferty filming, so hopefully it will be online soon.


  3. Here is my blog with a few pics