May 27, 2010

Michael's Miracle Flower

Two summers ago, Michael picked up a mostly dead plant from the garbage bin of a garden centre. He brought the poor thing to work and stuck it in a crack at the back of the building, much to the amusement of the Plurabelle Staff. I seem to remember saying “Oh come on Michael, do you really expect that to grow?” We all had a chuckle at Michael’s optimism but lo and behold, it started growing and the following year put on a display of exquisite flowers.

It died back at the end of the summer and eventually someone pulled up the dead thing and we were all quite sad – then this spring, it put up green shoots and here it is - more spectacular than the year before. People in the office behind us keep coming to admire it and many photographs have been taken. Plurabelle’s miracle flower is quite star!

* for those interested, it’s called Clematis Dr Rupel – I think it should be re-named Clematis Dr Cahn don’t you?